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The trek around the 8156 meter high Manaslu in Nepal is impressive. The combination of beautiful villages, an overwhelming view and a pass of over 5000 meters makes this long-distance journey unforgettable. The hike is relatively new in Nepal, so the local paths are not as busy as the route to the base camp of Mount Everest. The Manaslu Circuit is one of the pearls of Nepal.



Day 1 (Arrival in Nepal)

Arrival in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. At the airport a taxi is waiting to take you to the hotel.

Day 2 (Kathmandu)

Get to know Kathmandu. We do an excursion to a number of temples and walk through the busy streets of Thamel, the tourist district of Nepal.

Day 3 (Kathmandu-Sotikhola) 

We take the jeep to Sotikhola. The ride initially takes us across the busiest highway in the country but soon we reach the foothills that form the start of the trek around Manaslu. The first night we sleep at an altitude of 1000 meters.

Day 4 (Sotikhola-Machakhola) 

No more jeeps from here. We now really go into the mountains and walk the paths that have been used by the locals for thousands of years. We follow a river towards Machakhola where we spend the night at an altitude of 1300 meters.

Day 5 (Machakhola-Jagat) 

Today we walk through a deep gorge towards Jagat (1400 meters). The views up are especially impressive. We also pass the village of Tatopani, where the warm water flows straight out of the ground.

Day 6 (Jagat-Deng) 

We first descend to the banks of the river and cross it. Then we ascent towards a number of villages that are characterized by their terraces. Here we can also take our first look at mountains that are higher than 7000 meters. We sleep at an altitude of 1900 meters.

Day 7 (Deng-Namrung) 

The thin air really starts to count. We are above 2000 meters for the first time. We ascend to Namrung, which lies at almost 2600 meters.

Day 8 (Namrung-Syalla) 

The village of Syalla is the finish for today. To achieve that we walk through an impressive scenery all day long. Now we are sleeping above 3000 meters for the first time. The warm sleeping bag comes in handy here.

Day 9 (Syalla-Samagaun) 

A long day awaits us as we push towards Samagaun. We reach the tree line during this intensive day. Today we see the characteristic top of the Manaslu for the first time. 

Day 10 (Samagaun-Samagaun) 

We use this day to rest and get used to the thin air at around 3600 meters. We do a little hiking and then continue to relax in the village.  

Day 11 (Samagaun-Samdo)  

Today we walk slowly to Samdo which is on the same level as Samagaun. On arrival there is time for the go-getters to climb to a point where you have a fantastic view of Manaslu.


Day 12 (Samdo-Larkya La Phedi) 

We now head to the foot of the Larkya pass, the base for crossing the famous pass at an altitude of 4500 meters. Here we sleep in tents. Tomorrow is the day!

Day 13 (Larkya La Pedi-Bimtang)

The day starts early. After breakfast we prepare ourselves for a tough day. Today we climb to the Larkya pass at an altitude of 5100 meters. The terrain is not technically difficult but it is hard due to the altitude. The pass is the literal highlight of this trip. After enjoying the view we descend towards Bimtang at 3600 meters. Along the way fantastic views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

Day 14 (Bimtang-Daraphani)

We descend towards Daraphani where the route meets the Annapurna Circuit.

Day 15 and 16 (Daraphani-Kathmandu)

Depending on our timetable we return on foot and by  jeep to Kathmandu where we toast to our achieved success.

Day 17 (Kathmandu)

Enjoy a successful trip and prepare for the return trip home.

manaslu circuit, trekking
larke la, manaslu circuit, trekkin
manaslu circuit, trekking
What's included?


  • You will be picked up from the airport in Kathmandu

  • Before and after the trek you stay three days in a hotel (including breakfast) in Kathmandu

  • We arrange all permits and other documents

  • This is a group trip. The size of the group is 5 to 10 people.

  • During the trip you will be accompanied by an European and a Nepalese guide

  • During the trip you will stay in local guesthouses with basic facilities

  • Your bags are carried by local porters. You walk with a daypack of 5 kilos at most

  • The overnight stays during the trek are included. Meals, drinks, shower and internet are for your own account. Assume around 25 to 35 euros per person per day.

  • Local transportation is included in the price

  • The price mentioned does not include an international flight.


The trek around Manaslu is suited for the experienced hiker. You have to like excercising every day between 4 and 8 hours. In total you walk 130 kilometers during the trip. You do this with a light backpack. The rest of your bags are transported by local porters. The thin air makes the trip a bit more tough than for example a trip in the Alps. Every guest responds differently to this. That is why we do not rush anything and there is opportunity for the individual participant to complete his own acclimatization. An European and a Nepalese guide make sure you'll reach your goal.

What to bring?


Undershirt with long sleeves

Thermal underwear

Long pants suitable for trekking

Fleece jacket

Down jacket


Walking socks

Warm hat

Cap or other sun protection



Chargers for your electronics

Camera Mobile


Suntan lotion

Lip balm

Warm sleeping bag

Hiking shoes

Hiking sticks

Head torch


Thermos flask

Slippers or other comfortable shoes

Water purification tablets

Toilet paper

Energy or chocolate bars from home


Dates & Prices

Fixed Departures in 2020

15 march till 31 march   

Manaslu Circuit  €925


18 september till 4 october 

Manaslu Circuit   €925

Treks around Manaslu can also be individually booked. More info at


+31 653580235

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